3 Roller 1 3 Roller 2

3 Roller Mill works on the pressure & friction grinding system. The grinding is done between the stationary bull ring and the rotating roller which swing outwards due to the centrifugal force.

Control & Operation:

The mill base is made from cast iron. The air chamber, blower, dust collector and duct linesis made from the mild steel. The gear box of cast iron and have one set of hardened bevel gear. The vertical shaft has plough support, Mn. Plough and spider with the rollers which is hinged on spider. The thurst bearing is provided in the bottom of vertical shaft to hold the load of shaft assembly. The feeder is provided to feed the material in grinding chamber as and when required. The grounded material is swept by air and carried to the classifier. The wizzer classifier passes the material of required mesh and oversized particles are returned to the grinding chamber. Finally the material is collected by cyclone.

Following materials are grinded:

  • Barytes Bentonite-Dolomite
  • Calcite-Limestone-Coke-Red Oxide
  • Maganese Oxide-Marble

Drives Used:

  • For Mill: 30HP/ 960RPM/ TEFC/ Sq. CAGE MOTOR
  • For Blower: 25HP/ 1440 RPM/ TEFC/ Sq. CAGE MOTOR
  • For Classifier: 7.5HP/ 1440RPM/ TEFC/ Sq. CAGE MOTOR


  • Length: 6.50 meters
  • Width: 6.60 meters
  • Height: 6.00 meters