Pulveriser32 1

Pulverizer is a high speed swing beater type grinding mill. Pulverization is achieved by the impact of beater on the material in the grinding chamber. The fine powder is swept by the suction of the blower from the grinding chamber through wizzer blade and cone is to check the oversize particle and thus regulates the mesh size by shifting the wizzer blade to the cone side.

The M.O.C in the main body of pulverizer such as Base plate, grinding chamber, wizzer cone & the blower is made out of cast iron. The circumference of the grinding chambers which comes in contact with the material is lined with hard cast iron replaceable liners to ensure a long life of the machine and to protect it from wear & tear.


Size Motor Length Width Height Mesh
32: O/ Broad Chamber 60 HP/1440 RPM 3.0 Meters 2.7 Meters 4.9 Meters 100 to 400